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Prayer against bad dreams mfm

When the evil is going on, you are likely to have a "bad" dream that wakes you up You need to pray against your glory being tampered with by the enemy. (MFM prayer Here was the battle prayer I gave her to war against this adverse situation at her husband’s place of work. Dreams that indicate attacks against the dreamer's spiritual life. Arise, O Lord, in your anger and lift up yourself because of the rage of human altars against my life, in the name of Jesus. Every good thing I have lost to evil dreams, I re-possess you back, in the name of  . Christian Insight Into Lucid Dreaming. 2. Every witchcraft spirit assigned to trouble my sleep fall down and die in Jesus name 2. 54. 3. I remove my name from the register of evil feeders with the blood of Jesus. I stand against the powers of the emptier in the mighty name of Jesus. ) often addressed the importance of dreams in our christian life. I stand against the powers of the harvest consumers in the name of Jesus. 53. 45. When you take this step, you will experience a major lift from the level of defeat to the level of dominion. I nullify all curses of delay, stagnation, limitation, set backs over me in Jesus name by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ and fire of the Holy Ghost. Acidic Prayers on Dreams - Download as PDF File (. ” (Matthew 13:25) am segun, eating in the dream and wandering in forest has been the battle am facing for many years. Olukoya] on Amazon. I break and destroy all evil altars of hearing satanic voices with the fire of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus name 6. Home Prayer Points O LORD, VISIT ME AND DESTROY EVERY WORK OF THE ENEMY. Victory Over Satanic Dreams [Dr. 56. Psalm 127. O. Evil altar is a place where evil beings gather together for prayer and worship of Satan. Bad Dreams / Evil Dreams : What They Mean And How To Stand Against Them | Teachings and Info | You may ask "I have had these types of dreams for years without doing anything about them. This programme is held every FIRST saturday of each month from 7 AM to 12 PM WAT. These prayer points against stagnation and limitations could be combined with the 20 powerful prayer points against stagnation with bible verses to deal with hard-rooted stagnation. O Dr. I shall not die but live to declare the works of God, in Jesus name. 1. Dealing With It. These are perilous times we live in but I know You are God. Lord Jesus, You are the Prince of Peace. I break and destroy all evil altars of bad dreams with Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name. MFM also publishes several prayer books including the best-selling Prayer Rain, Prayer Passport and Prayer Bomb. Let all satanic designs of oppression against me in dreams and visions be frustrated in the name of Jesus. 3-Day Emergency Prayer Manual Against Dream Vampires . I stand against the power to reap but not enjoy the fruits of one’s labour in the name of Jesus. There are times in everyone’s life when something constructive is born out of adversity. To be arrested is bad enough. You are my help and my deliverer; Do not delay, O my God. Olukoya (MFM G. D. • Please pray for me against the spirit of poverty,blockage and chains. *FREE* shipping on Thanks for the direction on how to pray against satanic dreams. dream; Seeing a man sleeping by one's side in the dream; Hatred by earthly spouse I file a counter-report in the heavens against every evil marriage, in the name of Jesus. Satanic poisoning can occur physically or in the spirit often through dreams. A strong man or women of God will immediately know this is a sign to get into prayer and warfare against anything that is trying to pervert your soul. Daddy please don’t igonre this message please i beg you in the name of our dear lord Jesus Christ please contact me and pray for me i am in serious trouble i prayed all prayers using your prayer points but still i eat in dreams my dreams are bad can’t sleep because of fear of bad dreams. Prayer for safety and protection See more I use the token of the blood of Jesus to blot out all the handwriting s of ordinances of bad luck working against my life (Name the areas that you are experiencing bad luck such as marriage, career, education, and obtaining documents of advancement). ” Anyone who wants to enjoy a peaceful home will need to understand the purpose and plan of God for marriage and the home. 52. I bind the power of negative words and curses, and I bind and render useless all prayers not inspired by the Holy Spirit. Olukoya of mountain of fire and miracle ministries. K is good and better than others because he doesn’t belt up compromises and he doesn’t cut corners, he give it to you raw,,, drink it down even if it has pebbles in it. PRAYER POINTS AGAINST SERPENTINE POWERS . What does the Bible say about bad dreams or having bad dreams? What does the Bible say about nightmares or having nightmares? Find below 12 Inspirational, Uplifting, Encouraging, Reassuring, Powerful & Comforting Bible Verses, Scriptures, Quotes & Passages about, on, against, & for bad dreams, nightmares, bad nights. 24. bad dreams will come to an end 52. It’s so terrible. Moreover, I break, in the name of Jesus Christ, every unspoken curse against my life, family and business. Thanks sir!More GRACE MFM G. /prophetess Stella happy new year to you and the entire fire power ministy,more wisdom,Anointing in Jesus name amen. MFM is a do it yourself ministry as we believe in equiping the believer to fight his battles and win. Prayers against Dream attacks: Do you eat in the dreams? Fighting & Breaking Evil Dreams & Covenants Attach to Them For Good Prayer I reject all bad and Dr. They can invite the spirit of somebody to this altar. Therefore you are advised to make sure you seek constant deliverance of your children from evil bondage that is rife among the youth today. I break and destroy all evil altars on high places with the fire of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus 7. Renunciation prayers can be very helpful and as they are a form of repentance, only need to be said once each. While we try to protect them as much as  PRAYER POINTS AGAINST EVIL DREAMS. Some days ago ,I was listen to the interpretation of dream, there is someone on top of my room ,through camera, whatever prayer or program I did,he/she knows ,after listen to this program I started having bad drean and I asked God of Israel and His spirit revealed it to me. PRAYER AGAINST TRAFFICKING WITCHES Lord Jesus, would you please have a special assignment of warring angels come and remove all trafficking people from me. ” More information can be found in comments on the Prayer Against Witchcraft and the Prayer Against Demonic Oppression. Lord, let the wickedness of human altar against my life come to an end, in the name of Jesus. These are best said aloud, and for a woman with her head covered. This is why at times we ask people to breath  When you pray this prayer, remember you are in a warfare mode. Olukoya Dreams and Interpretation [ April 20, 2019 ] Midnight Prayers Against Heaven Blockers Midnight Prayers [ April 12, 2019 ] Prayer Points to Revive My Midnight Prayer Life Midnight Prayers [ April 9, 2019 ] Meaning of Eating In The Dream While Fasting Dreams and Interpretation I want you to know this fact today that if you refuse to pray against any bad dreams, then you will see that bad dream causing serious problems and on the life of your family or friends just because of your spiritual ignorance. ONE: You must give your life to Christ and experience the new birth. pdf), Text File (. I pray that You would establish Your Sovereign will over the times when I lay down to sleep. PRAYER POINTS AGAINST SERPENTINE POWERS An effective way of crushing the serpent is through fervent prayers. Bible verses about Bad Dreams. Prayers against Dream attacks: Do you eat in the dreams? Pastor help me pray against eating in my dreams and seeing dogs chasing me in my dreams. 3 MORE days of prayer to plug into the power source of heaven. This mfm prayer points are inspired by Dr. You may ask “I have had these types of dreams for years without doing anything about them. . 4. 8. And no, it is not about the cute girl, but the evil spirit behind that dream. PRAYER POINTS. Water Dreams II… represents the flesh and spiritual dirtiness. POWER AGAINST DREAM INVADERS Praise And Worship Confession PRAYER POINTS 1. I did both self and corporate deliverance even in one of branches. I reject all bad and satanic dreams in the name Satanic poisoning is one of the ways in which they do this. We have nothing to fear because God has promised us protection against nightmares. From there they decide the kind of havoc to carry out against mankind or his property. Arrows of deadly disease targeted against my organs, Backfire (x 7). Father, I pray that you grant everyone the grace to be on fire at all at times so that all satanic strategies against them in their dreams will be cancelled. Let the fire of God consume and destroy every masquerade troubling my dreams in This 13 mfm prayer points to cancel bad dreams is going to guide you as you take the battle to the camp of the enemy. # Eating in the dream. Lord, release your fire in the name of Jesus. Every human altar taking counsel against my life, fall by your counsel, in the name of Jesus. K. Anything buried in my father’s house that is dragging my destiny and effort backward, fire of God destroy it in Jesus name 4. Or any other leading Christian bookstores. (The word "nightmare" comes from the Old English word "mare" (or goblin) which meant an evil spirit or demon haunting people in their sleep. 23. Philippians 2: 9-11 “Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name [10] That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; [11] And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father. Heavenly Father, I bring before You, the nightmares that torment me (or my child) in our sleep. The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry (MFM) prayer points for March 2019 “Power Must Change Hand” have been released. also prayers against untimely death in my family. Any witchcraft concoction given to me in the dream; Be neutralized by the Blood of Jesus. Every satanic power violating my dream state be destroyed by the thunder of God in Jesus name. You personality that is manipulating evil and bad dreams into my life, in the Name of Jesus Christ, perish by thunder, in the name of Jesus. Here are some examples of bad dreams: I tell you the truth, Dr. I destroy every remote controlling power working against my life, in Jesus name. O Lord, visit the foundation of my life and fix every problem in it, in Jesus name. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. PRAYER POINT: AGAINST SICKNESS. (You are going to be specific here. o “While men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. It contains, among other things A different prayer/fasting schedule - the DIAMOND Edition. That is why some  108 prayers to cancel bad dreams in the Bible is a wonderful divine ideas to bring a total solution to all dreams issues confronting the children of God. 42. 22. We are not about making people depend on other human beings but we teach them how to approach God directly and get their prayers answered and their lives delivered, healed, and transformed. Let the habitation of evil caterers become desolate in the name of Jesus. ) 1. PRAISE AND WORSHIP Bible Readings — Daniel 2:1– Genesis 41 :1– Job 33 : 14–1 Daniel 4 : 1– I claim back all the good things which God has revealed to me through dreams. K. I know that the devil is in trouble as a result of this teaching. I claim back all the good things which I have lost as a result of defeat and attacks in my dreams in the name of Jesus. my that my husband has to wake me up having snoring heavily and crying as well. Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) founded in Lagos in the. Offering spiritual meanings of dream about animals, eating, sex, fighting, snakes, village, former house and other dreams. When I have a bad dream and I don't cancel it, it comes to pass in the natural. I stand against the power to sow but not to reap in the name of Jesus. O LORD, VISIT ME AND DESTROY EVERY WORK OF THE ENEMY. [tweet this] Yes even through dreams. CONFESSION . Prayer against familiar spirit and monitoring spirits also known as a slave spirit I put so much into the relationship but all go to waste like I was a bad person Bad Dreams / Evil Dreams : What They Mean And How To Stand Against Them. Prayer Against Evil Dreams. 7. There are many things we These are also unsuspecting enemies, people who disguise around you as your friends but secretly attack you from behind to kill your dreams. Every arrow fired against my marriage in the dream, die, in Jesus' name. Can I still take action now to effect a change and stop these dreams from recurring?” The answer is YES, you can! There’s great news for you. It is at such times you stand against discouragement, faithlessness and fear. Peaceful Sleeps, Healing and Deliverance From Bad Dreams. The Bible says to buy the truth (although of course that is not necessary especially these days as we can get so much free on the internet) and sell it not. prayer points against antichrist spirit and for sa prayer points for cancelling debts - '21 days of g prayer points series: dealing with water spirits '21 days of glory' prayer points for week 2 (all o '21-days-of-glory' day 8 prayer points '21 days of glory' prayer points for day 7 '21 days of glory' - prayer points for day 6 warfare prayer against spiritual attack Note: This prayer is a full spiritual warfare prayer to restrict and oppose the attacks by spiritual forces. Bible Topics: Nightmares and bad dreams Definition: A frightening or terrifying dream. I paralyse the spirit that brings bad dreams to me in the name of Jesus. Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. Thanks for the prayer points, please pray for me I just got admission into the University, I’ve always wanted to do my best in school but right now so many things have turned around, for the past one year I’ve been having night attack, I see my self making love in the dream, and by the time I wake up my body will be so hot, its got to a 41. Prayer for safety and protection Posted on PRAYER fb page Sept 2017 When the enemy comes in, You are my shield and I find joy in knowing how You ensure my safety. God, our Lord, King of ages, All-powerful and Almighty, you who made everything and who transform everything simply by your will; you who changed into dew the flames of the seven-times hotter furnace and protected and saved your three holy children. Genesis 27:40: “And by the sword shalt thou live, and shalt serve thy brother, and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have dominion, that thou […] A strong man or women of God will immediately know this is a sign to get into prayer and warfare against anything that is trying to pervert your soul. Evil spirits receive power from Satan from evil altar. I claim all the good things which God has revealed to me through dreams. MFM Prayer Points For The Midnight Battle Vigil “While men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. Pls, pray for me bcos there is a serpentine spirit on my head. Genesis 2:18 says, “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. Once we have the revelation that dreams can be a key to unlocking the door to the spirit world, we can take some vital steps. Be An Overcomer Turning Bad Dreams Into Good Dreams. 43. pls, pray for me. PRAYER POINTS FOR VICTORY OVER SATANIC DREAMS BY DR. we mfm members in new Delhi are very happy to fellow all pragrammes of mfm through the site. Power Must Change Hands, popularly known as PMCH, is a special service held once a month at MFM Prayer City. Here at MFM, we believe in the covenant of the shout. PMCH is also broadcast LIVE on satellite tv and over the internet for people residing outside Lagos or the Psalms 40:17Since I am afflicted and needy, Let the Lord be mindful of me. These prayer points was inspired by Dr olukoya of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries. PRAYER POINTS AGAINST EVIL DREAMS. K Olukoya makes me feel like a charged bomb that must be thrown at the enemy…And What Are You Waiting For!! Atimes, I found out, I needed to hear something from him very urgent, because, D. prayer against bad dreams in the bible, catholic prayer against bad dreams, mfm prayer points to cancel bad dreams, mfm prayer points against eating in the dream, prayer against bad luck, prayer points to remember your dreams, dreams and their meanings by dr olukoya, prayer to remember your dreams Prayer points to cancel evil and bad dreams Magnify God! Praise and Worship Him! For the privilege to see another day, Worship Him Thank You Heavenly Father, for the sweet and sound sleep You gave me last night. Thus the multitude of all the nations will be Who wage war against Mount Zion. This website can empower you how to pray against enemies for effective deliverance. PRAYER AGAINST BAD DREAMS; PRAYER AGAINST SICKNESS AND Prayer against Nightmares. Part 2 of a Series About Bad Dreams and Nightmares For Part 1 click here. 31. 6. I dismantle and destroy every monitoring gadget of the enemies, in Jesus name. Dreams can be described as the dark speech of the spirit. And so much more . greeting sir, am jobless man of God, pls i need prayer for favour as i go for a job selection test tis saturday 21st dec 2013. please, i need just a word from you as God’s servant to an end to this menace and harrassment. midnight battle prayer-points - by g. Prayer against Nightmares. It also means lack of progress. 44. Any disease of Egypt programmed into my Body, I Reject you, Go back to Egypt. 25. Power Against Destiny Quenchers This and other publications of MFM Ministries can be obtained from: MFM BOOKSHOP 13, Olasimbo Street, off Olumo Road, by Unilag 2nd Gate, Onike, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. Embedded prophetic action never before shared publicly. You need to review your spiritual life and pray against the spirit of lukewarmness. The weapons of our warfare are spiritual, therefore we must engage spiritual battles to overcome them. What triggered me writing about bad dreams was an email from my ministry partner, Helen: Water Dreams I… when you see stagnant water in the dream, this represents lack of the moving of the Holy Spirit in your life. An arrest is an ugly  Therefore, when praying for self deliverance, you should keep quiet after the prayer before ejecting those evil spirits. Revelation 21:1-27 ESV / 45 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful. Can I still take action now to effect a change and stop these dreams from recurring?" The answer is YES, you can! There's great news for you. 5. 1980s, the paper . In these last days the devil is waging a war against children knowing fully well that they are the leaders of the future. This 13 mfm prayer points to cancel bad dreams is going to guide you as you take the battle to the camp of the enemy. This 50 mfm prayer points against household wickedness is for people like that. But, i discovered that the more i pray the more i eat in the dream. 26. “spiritual terrorists”, “deliverance by fire”, “sword of deliverance”, “ prayer warriors” Every evil bird delegated against me, fall down to the ground and die… be heavily attacked in your dream and the next service is about four. … Targetted prayer points. txt) or read A Prayer Ministry of MFM - Bowie, MD and wizards used against my dreams and prayers, catch fire in Jesus name. Every power using my people in the dream to stagnant my progress, be destroyed in Jesus name 3. Every power of darkness assigned against my dream life, die, in the name of Jesus. prayer => power against dream killers prayer Dreaming is a natural way in which the spirit world breaks out into our lives. I pray for those who have suffered defeat as a result of bad dreams. ” (Matthew 13:25) The midnight battle is a program vomited by the Holy Ghost in order to arouse the Lord of Hosts to fight your Dr. and I even shared to some people that are having bad thoughts that we Prayer Against Accident Attack Let every accident programmed against my life, be thwarted by the power of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name I release the fire of God and the Blood of Jesus against any natural accidents or catastrophe that may come against me, in Jesus Name There is more information in the comments on Prayer Against Demonic Oppression and Prayer Against Witchcraft. and again to upload the 70 days fast and prayer,prayers Victory over satanic dreams. Mostly, dreaming of my father compound. I confess that I am a child of God, that I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Secondly, we should declare war when dreams are used against us and thirdly, we should learn how to interpret dreams. Please Watch Your Inbox For More . The forces of backwardness creates stagnancy, wasted efforts and delay in the accomplishment of life assignment. 55. You are the doctor and physician of my soul. And I want pastor to pray for me against negative dreams which has been troubling me after my deliverance. The prayer assumes two things — that something “lurks against us  Aug 2, 2017 What to do if you have a bad dream, and how God uses dreams to expose the To identify the source of the dream, pray and ask the Holy Spirit if the I belong to Jesus Christ, and no weapon formed against me can prosper. First, we can specifically pray inviting God to inform us through our dreams. Evil Spirits of Arrested Development. Finally prepare your heart to take violent action against the devil by praying the prayer points below. ” Is it as bad as Job’s calamity? Wait on the altar of prayer until your change comes. [ April 22, 2019 ] Dreams And Their Spiritual Meanings by Dr D. 9. When things seem so bad that you have to grab your faith by the shoulder. Guard Your Mind MFM Power Must Change Hands Prayer Points December 2017. PRAISE AND WORSHIP Bible Readings — Daniel 2:1– Genesis 41 :1– Job 33 : 14–1 Daniel 4 : 1– I claim back all  POWER AGAINST DREAM INVADERS PRAYER POINTS Every evil mark in my spirit, soul and body attracting dream invaders be erased with the blood of  A believer that only pray against bad dreams or evil dreams without the support of Bible verses, he or she is only disturbing himself or herself. I bind all curses that have been spoken against us. Evangelist Joshua website is the number #1 Biblical dream meanings and dream prayers in Nigeria and Africa. com. Remember the greater your destiny, the greater the enemy will try all kinds of methods to take you Prayer Points are from the works of Dr Olukoya. We do not need to pay for the truth. I want to encourage you to cancel, nullify and void satanic, demonic, and evil dreams each morning regardless if you dreamt anything the previous night. Let all evil marks on my body be burnt off by the fire of the Holy Spirit in the “ Anytime you pray serious prayers and have attacks in your dream, know that the children, spouse, business, as a form of protection or prevention against evil. Pls send me prayer points to counter these horrible bad dreams of seing aman dressed in long black robes with hood covering his Prayer to Break Prayerlessness and Spiritual Slackness: (a modified extract from Apostle Kimberly Daniels‘ book called “Prayers That Bring Change: Power-filled prayers that give hope, heal relationships, bring financial freedom and more!” ) Father God, in the name of Jesus I shut every demonic door that has been opened to hinder my prayer May 22, 2019 Most children will deal with nightmares at one time or another, especially when they are young. I reverse every evil done to me in my dreams, in Jesus name. Dr. Finally, Thank God for answers to your prayers. Every dream oppressor that rises against me in my dreams, fall in Jesus name. Just like you have physical symptoms when you eat polluted poisoned food in the physical, so also you have symptoms when you are exposed to satanic poisoning wither in the dream or in the physical. This serpent is coiling and squeezing round my head. Depression Is a Spirit – It Must Be Fought with the Word of God to use it against us. DANIEL OLUKOYA(MFM) Prayer can change your dreams, too. I prayer that the mercy of God shall contuining with you all and mfm worldwide in general. Satanic injection of deadly infirmities, Catch Fire. I command all satanic animals, reptiles, birds, creatures, programmed against me in my dream to die in Jesus name. I tell you the truth, Dr. Whenever i sleep, i dream so many bad dreams. Remember the greater your destiny, the greater the enemy will try all kinds of methods to take you away God. These dreams should alert the believer to the fact that the enemy wants to downgrade their spiritual walk. While praying to crush the serpent, you cannot afford to pray like a gentleman or lady; you have to be violent in your spirit and aggressive in your prayer pattern. Pray for your child and with them, using some of the prayer promises and blessings in God’s word about Jesus’ love and care for them. The problem facing me now is the terrible dreams I’ve been having where a vampire has been fighting me in my dreams. I command every evil power fighting against me to fight against and destroy each other, in the name of 1. Ask them if they would like to pray a simple prayer to When something is polluted or defiled in the spirit realm, it appears in the physical as hatred, bad luck, backwardness, stagnation, rejection, not making progress, being passed over, being put under instead of above, it will come to a situation where good things will pass the person and bad things will come. Oct 29, 2018 The Christian custom of praying against nightmares has a long pedigree. This is usually followed by a period of weariness, tiredness and laziness in prayer. They allow snakes and lizards to come in too. And I reject all the bad and satanic dreams in the name of Jesus. It will be as when a hungry man dreams-- And behold, he is eating; But when he awakens, his hunger is not satisfied, Or as when a thirsty man dreams-- And behold, he is drinking, But when he awakens, behold, he is faint And his thirst is not quenched. # Smoking or consuming alcohol in the dream. I bless those who curse me and pray blessings on those who despitefully use me. Blood of Jesus, Sanitize my blood. Prayer Against Witchcraft Control In the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I bind all principalities, powers of the air, wickedness in high places, thrones, dominions, world rulers, and strong men exerting influence over [ insert name ], and I forbid them to operate against him/her/them, or against the one praying this prayer. There are about 40 prayer points in this month’s edition for a turnaround of destinies. Anything in my life co-operating with dream criminals be removed by fire in Jesus name. Lord Jesus Christ, please protect us all, against all evil acts. warfare prayer against the spirit of backwardness and past attachments The Spirit of Backwardness is the force of retardation, that makes the past of a person to be better than the present. And Also this is the second time two people close to me have had dreams seeing me dead First dream i was involved in money ritual through some friends Second dream i was shoot dead by a military officer since my country is in war right now. Notice that she will Plead the Blood of Jesus directly against this foremen, directly against his verbal attacks, and directly against any demons who may be operating behind the scenes influencing this foreman to act like he was acting. Prayer against Malefice 1. To be ignorant of such You must deal with every arresting power and pray until you are completely set free. I reject all bad and satanic dreams in the name of Jesus. Through bad dreams which allows the enemy to come in through various ways including sex, food, gun shots, arrows, evil load, and evil transmission through kisses, hugs, and handshake. 46. Daniel Olukoya/Vanguard. Like Like Morning prayers against Satanic attacks; Weekly Prayer against the Satanic Illuminati New W Original source: Apostle John Eckhardt’s book “Pra Prayer Of Hosea & For The Return Of A Wayward Spou New 9-15 prayer to be deliver from THE VAGABOND SP New 9-15 Daily Devotional!24 prayer points to kick I have had ritual abuse done to me and I have struggled spiritually for about 20 years I feel very torn minute and wish to be free from all this I want to pray this prayer so bad but I have a difficult time about the third sentence into it but thank you for posting it because I’m going to continue to try to read it with her I’ll start feeling better not DREAM CRIMINALS MUST DIE. PRAISE & WORSHIP . In the authority of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh, I cancel all their astral assignments over my life. Make sure to also decree and declare that the enemy’s plan for your life will not stand nor will it come to pass: Isaiah 7:7. Prayer Points (5) The following prayer point categories cover an array of problems confronting mankind. DEDICATION This book, Prayer Rain, is dedicated to late Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola, a The display of violent faith and stubborn aggression against all negative forces operating in your life is the only means by which you can put the enemy to flight. prayer against bad dreams mfm

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